"She is better than you, dumbass."

"You’re the King of rotten.. act like it!"

"You just gonna let hell go to hell?"

"See ya, Snooks."

"Where the hell is he? It’s not like he has a social life.."

"So. Where did you two meet? Wackjob dot com?"

"Just a couple of douche bags doing the ‘Scream’ thing.."

"So you’re saying that this crap is actually crap?"

"This all sounds like sad times at Bitchmont High."

Dean: You know what video would have gone viral if we still had it? When you were 5 and you got dressed up as Batman and you jumped off a shed cause you thought you could fly.
Sam: After you jumped first.
Dean: Hey, I was 9 and I was dressed up like Superman. Everybody knows Batman can't fly.