"You’re the King of rotten.. act like it!"

"You just gonna let hell go to hell?"

"See ya, Snooks."

"Where the hell is he? It’s not like he has a social life.."

"So. Where did you two meet? Wackjob dot com?"

"Just a couple of douche bags doing the ‘Scream’ thing.."

"So you’re saying that this crap is actually crap?"

"This all sounds like sad times at Bitchmont High."

Dean: You know what video would have gone viral if we still had it? When you were 5 and you got dressed up as Batman and you jumped off a shed cause you thought you could fly.
Sam: After you jumped first.
Dean: Hey, I was 9 and I was dressed up like Superman. Everybody knows Batman can't fly.

"This thing has FANS?"